September 8, 2009

A New Blog for New Goals

Hello everyone! After finishing my first marathon in June, I'm back at it, ready for more races, and have decided to blog about my running endeavors. Running has always been my preferred form of exercise, but it wasn't until after crossing the finish line at the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon that I truly considered myself a runner. I had been bitten by the running bug, and almost immediately I began researching future races. Running has proven another way to satisfy my craving for challenges and be active and healthy at the same time. I also didn't want to let my 6 months of training for the marathon go to waste, and I figure signing up for new races will keep me motivated to stay in shape. I also recently discovered the online running community, and it was these wonderful narratives by average runners like me that inspired me to start a running blog of my own. So here I am! I have several races coming up in the next few months, and have really started to embrace a running lifestyle, setting goals and making training plans. Follow along as one mile at a time, I make a run for whatever finish line comes next!


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