October 25, 2009

Up Before the Sun

This morning I was up before the sun for a long run with Tom and Stacey. We did 16 miles out-and-back, starting in Goleta and following part of the SBI Marathon course into Santa Barbara. Compared to last week, this run felt much better. We didn't start out as fast, and kept a pretty steady pace the entire time. Great weather, great course, and great conversation made for a really great run. I'm feeling a little sore in my hips and knee, and my feet could use a good massage, but I iced asap and took some ibuprofen so hopefully I won't be hurting too much tomorrow. Afterward I headed over to the local farmer's market to pick up some fresh produce for the week and then came home and took a much longer-than-intended nap. The rest of my Sunday will be dedicated to studying as I have a midterm early tomorrow morning....yikes!


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