May 29, 2010

Too Much Fun

I apologize in advance because this post is going to include almost nothing running-related. Instead, it will explain my lack of running this past week.

As I mentioned, Sunday was super busy. That morning we went to a gorgeous Spanish-themed restaurant in Santa Barbara called El Paseo for my sorority Senior Brunch. The event is kind of a tradition and involves an all-you-can-eat buffet as well as bottomless drinks over a 2 hour period. So we all got dressed up in our sun dresses and got chauffeured to the restaurant by our lovely juniors : ) Now I don't really drink, with the exception of the occasional beer or glass of wine, so after one mimosa I was feeling pretty good : ) After another one, plus a couple margaritas, I was having a fantastic time! The food was delicious and I certainly indulged more than I probably should have, but I savored every single bite : ) The whole brunch was so much fun - great friends, wonderful food, good conversation, and endless laughs : )
Class of 2010
 El Paseo
My fabulous table.
 Some of my fave girls : )
 Sharing a margarita.
The aftermath.
Senior Love : )
Right after the brunch we hurried home to change then headed to our Team In Training Send-Off party. We got there a little late and missed the food but I don't think any of us were actually hungry! As always, there were many inspiring things to be said. Advice was shared, logistics explained, and questions answered. I remembered back to my season and how I sat in awe as I listened to my coaches and mentors give us their tips and words of wisdom...funny how much things can change in just a year. The party was held at fellow mentor Michael's gorgeous house up in the hills of Santa Barbara so we couldn't leave without enjoying the pool, jacuzzi, and amazing view. Our lovely coaches had a canonball contest while the rest of us took refuge from the gusty wind in the jacuzzi.
Listening to words of wisdom.
I know, right!?
The gorgeous view!
A year ago this was burned in the Jesusita Fire.
Yeaaahhh Coach Dodge! Cannonball!!
Chillin in the jacuzzi : )

After the Team Party we hurried home once again to rest and get ready for our sorority formal, Crescent Ball, later that night. I was unbelievably exhausted but managed to find a tiny spark of energy to start getting ready. I found the most beautiful dress the day before and was taking my little sis as my date, so I was really looking forward to my last C Ball. Considering our morning, most of my friends and I decided to forgo the champagne we had planned to drink before, and I'm so glad we did - I think it would have put me right to sleep! The theme for the night was G Phis in Wonderland, and the venue - the waterfront Fess Parker in downtown Santa Barbara (which we always run past!) looked gorgeous. The food was delicious, and once again I indulged : ) I didn't do much dancing since I was pooped so I spent the rest of the evening chatting with friends and taking pictures. Overall it was a fabulous night : )
Windswept in front of the Fess Parker.
 G Phis in Wonderland!
 Nom nom nom.
Me and my lovely little date : )
Some of my faves

Come Monday there was no time to rest. I worked that morning and then that afternoon we seniors did The Loop! The Loop is basically just going to all the places in Isla Vista where alcohol is served, so-called because it forms a loop - clever right? It also happened to be my roommates 22nd birthday, so it was fun celebrating with her along the way! We ended up hitting up 9 places in our "tight and bright" gear, attracting more than a few stares, and drinking a few pitchers among us at each stop. This was definitely a challenge for me but we soon found the easiest - and most fun - way to drink a pitcher: with straws! It was seriously SO fun and made it go by so much faster. After that much beer, the last thing you want to do is sit around and sip on it : / At the last stop, Gio's across the street from our house, we played a few games of flip cup before dragging our drunk asses back to the house for another Gamma Phi tradition, Senior Wills. Basically it's just a chance for us to "will", or give away, our stuff to younger girls. It was weird to be sitting in the front, giving away my stuff, when it seems just yesterday I was getting hit in the face with a poorly aimed old shirt, courtesy of a drunk senior. Time sure flies.
Senior girls!
Roomie : )
Study Hall (birthday girl in pink wig!)
Fun with mirrors!
Young at heart : )
Winners of flip cup!
Senior Wills

By Tuesday my body was in need of a serious detox. Now maybe for your average college student these few events would be no big deal, but that's just not me. I don't drink that much, or eat like that usually, and I could feel the difference it made. I did make it to track that night in one of my only healthy acts of the week. After a warm-up we did mile laps around Shoreline Park at marathon pace. Not the most exciting but at that point I just needed to be running.

This past week also happened to be Senior Week (sensing a trend?) where each day we get a gift/treats from our secret "senior buddy". So once more I found myself with a load of junk food and not nearly enough willpower. Ok, so the detox would be starting a few days later... I actually knew who my senior buddy was the whole time (my little sis) and she didn't exactly do much to throw me off her trail. But it was still so much fun to come home and find treats for me!

Wednesday was the start of Serenades, where all the new member pledge classes put together dances and perform them at all the sororities/fraternities. So that evening our newest spring girls, along with a few rhythmically gifted active members, performed a killer dance routine at 6 frats. Back at the house afterward I helped celebrate my friend Christine's 21st birthday with a fondue party (again, my diet this week just sucked!). Needless to say I did not run.

Thursday I actually did fit in a short and fast 4 miler after class. I even negative split every mile, keeping my pace in the 9's for the whole run. After I got ready for the second evening of Serenades in which the frats come to our house to perform. After the first few houses, though, I couldn't help but feel awkward and way too old to be watching half naked boys attempt to dance and deliver gross pick-up lines. So I left and got sushi : ) That night seniors usually go downtown, but my friends and I opted to skip it and make margaritas at home instead. After a couple I was done and so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. I think the crazy events of the week finally caught up to me.

So in summary, lots of drinking, lots of eating, not much running. Who am I and what have I done with the real me!? Haha I guess it's a good thing I'm in taper!


  1. Rachel! Thank you for bringing up a flood of great memories for me and my senior year. Its so great how much tradition does not change and only gets better and better.

    I am so happy that you are making the most of your college career and also this whole running thing.

    Miss you!

  2. hey girl! this looks amazing! How fun?! I'll be in San Diego as well! I'm trying to plan a little blogger meet up and Hannah mentioned you will be there as well! Wish I would have found your blog it! Can't wait to keep following...if you're interested in trying to get in on the meetup email me and!

  3. great pics!

    have fun tomorrow!