May 8, 2011

Celebrating Mom

Unfortunately I had to work all day today so I didn't really get to do anything special for Mother's Day. But I want to take a moment to wish all the moms out there, and especially mine, a happy Mother's Day! Since I first started running, my mom has been my biggest fan, coming out to almost every race I've done, cheering me on, and celebrating my accomplishments. Throughout my life, I have looked to her for advice, inspiration, love, and wisdom. Not only a mother, but a best friend. I owe much of who I am today to her. She was always there for me, full of support and encouragement, letting me find my way but ready to catch me if I fell. I may not always show it, but I am so grateful and lucky to have such a wonderful relationship with her. So I want to say thank-you, even though that isn't near enough, and I love you!
nothing but love
makes me smile : )
  Santa Barbara Marathon
 Monterey Bay (Big Sur Half)
LA Marathon
Santa Cruz
San Francisco Marathon
 Washington, DC (Marine Corps Marathon)
Washington, DC - White House!
mom's first 5k!
surprise 30th anniversary party

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  1. I love how almost all of the photos with your mom are race related! :)