September 19, 2011

Chicago Week Eight


What was supposed to be my final big training week before tapering for Chicago ended up being a total bust. After having a great week of training last week, I was feeling a little more rundown than usual early on so I took an extra rest day. Felt fine on my midweek medium-long run, only to develop a tickle in my throat the next day that I just couldn't shake. That turned into a pretty nasty end-of-summer cold/allergy attack which sideline me for the entire weekend and knocked out two big runs, a 10 miler with speedwork and my 20 miler.

I'm still deciding on how I'm going to treat the next couple weeks and if/when I'll make-up the 20, but right know I'm just glad this happened now rather than race week! I'm feeling a little better now, just a bit congested, and am going to attempt a short and easy run tomorrow. Then I'm off to YOSEMITE after work with a couple coworkers for a few days to tackle the infamous Half Dome and explore the park a bit...maybe even get some running in (and lots of tough hiking, too). I'm glad I'm feeling better since the HD hike is apparently no joke, but I wouldn't miss this for the world!!
with any luck I'll summit this baby on Wednesday!



run: 10 mi, 8:58 avg pace.
Nothing special here, just another 10 mile commute to work. Felt pretty good and kept a pretty consistent pace, averaging sub-9!

run: 6 mi, 9:04 avg pace.
I took my dog with me for an early evening run along the trails. After a couple miles I took a short break to let her go swimming in the river, being her usual crazy self and diving for rocks. I was supposed to do 7 but I started feeling a bit funky partway through so I cut it short. Could definitely feel something coming on, and wouldn't ya know the next day I was unquestionably sick.




run - 16 miles


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