January 20, 2012

Houston in Pictures

Houston was a trip like no other. From watching the epic Olympic Trials Marathon on Saturday to setting a 30 minute marathon PR on Sunday, it was a trip I'll remember for years to come. I was joined by two of my favorite coworkers, and since one was working the expo booth for CIM we lucked out with a free room at the ritzy Four Seasons, literally a block from the expo & start/finish lines, and actually on both the trials and regular marathon courses. We took it pretty easy most of the time, hung out at the expo a couple days and saw some familiar faces, got all hyped up watching the trials, and then all ran PRs on Sunday : ) 
On our first evening there we discovered a European specialty food store across the street from our hotel and ended up going back every day, mainly for their incredible falafel : ) We didn't really get to venture outside downtown much (except for the race - report coming soon!), but it seemed to be a pretty cool city. We lucked out with cool, clear weather until the day we left when we got a quick glimpse of typical Texas humidity - not sorry we missed that! In the end it was an absolutely awesome trip!
 Erin & I at the airport ready to go!
 layover in snowy Denver
 welcome to Denver!
 hello, Houston!
 Four Seasons = baller
runners taking over the city
public, edible gardens!
 Olympic Trials expo
 so. cool.
"The Road to London"
 fireworks at the trials opening ceremony
downtown Houston reppin' the good 'ol U.S of A the night before the Trials!
gotta hydrate!
 trials women!
 Abdi, Meb, and Ryan on their way to making the Olympic team!
 the ladies of Team U.S.A.
 the infamous Phoenecia falafel, eaten no less than 4x in 5 days : )
 lots of time spent at the expo
 marathon no. 10 in the books!
the hardware
 post-marathon crème brûlée : )
 celebratory morning-after french toast!
all good things must come to an end...


  1. Congrats on the PR! I got to see the marathon trials when they were held in NYC before the last summer games. Pretty cool!

  2. I looove your hydration technique! Nothing like a salty rimmed glass with ice cold...Gatorade? Yea.....right. Congrats.