April 12, 2012

Making Plans

As much as I love to run (and swim and bike), I really love to race. There's just something about the atmosphere at a race - the excitement, adrenaline, competition - that is nothing short of addicting. I love being surrounded by like-minded people, pushing myself more than I would in training, and earning some cool swag. Having a race on the calendar also keeps me motivated to train and stay active. Once I start grad school this fall, I know I won't have the time (nor the money) to race as much as I've been able to these last couple years. Before I turn into a grad school zombie, however, I have a few more fun races planned!

Wharf to Wharf - July 22nd
Nearly every summer my family spends a week in Santa Cruz, and for years my dad has wanted to do this race, but our vacations never seemed to be on the right weekend. Well this year he made sure we'd be there and then signed us up before it before it sold out (in less than 7 days!). The 6 mile race, known as "the best little road race in California" starts at the Santa Cruz wharf and Boardwalk, meanders along the coast, and finishes in quaint Capitola at - you guessed it - the wharf : ) With nearly 15,000 runners it's not exactly a race you run for time, but it's certainly known for being a grand time on a beautiful course. It's definitely one I'm looking forward to!

The Color Run 5k  - August 4th
This will be my last race in Sacramento before moving to San Francisco for grad school, and it's definitely a fun one! You may have heard of The Color Run as it's a series that takes place in cities across the country. Rather than try and explain this one to you, check out the video:

My coworker talked me into signing up for this as part of a team. Our name - The Flying Pigments! Haha, get it? We plan on wearing wings and pinning curly little tails on our bums : ) We've got a pretty fun group doing it so it should be a blast!

Portland Marathon - October 7th
Even though it's still a ways away, I've planned to run a fall marathon. I'll need some motivation to keep running and stay active once I start school, and for me, signing up for a race is the best way to do this. But let's be honest - after coming so close in Houston, I need to get that sub-4! Portland known for being flat and fast, perfect for a PR attempt. Plus, it will knock another state off my 50 states quest, and a close one at that, making travel a bit easier (and cheaper!). I've been through Portland briefly in the past but I'm looking forward to spending a weekend there and exploring all the weirdness the city has to offer. As if that all weren't enough, some awesome people will also be running it, including this cool guy : )

Nike Women's Half Marathon - October 14th
This will be my first big race in my new city and one I've wanted to do for a long time. I was able to get in via their college entry program (yay for being a student again!) instead of the lottery. I talked a couple coworkers into signing up, too, so it's gonna be a bit of a girls' weekend. Since it falls the weekend after the Portland Marathon, we'll be running it for fun, but I look forward to taking a jaunt through my beautiful new city with friends. Collecting that little blue box from tuxedoed firefighters at the end will just be the icing on the cake!

Anyone else doing (or have done) any of these races? Have any fun races planned for the summer or fall?


  1. I did NWM last year and absolutely LOVED it!! The firemen at the end are definitely worth trucking 26.2 miles to get too!! :-) Your gonna have a blast! I'm soo excited for you and your upcoming races!! GOOD LUCK!

  2. What fun races you have planned! Post IM I only have 2 potential races on the books (a half marathon and an Olympic tri) but you are making me want to sign up for some more!

  3. that is a great list. haven't done any of those races. no more ultras for the future?

  4. Looks like you have a good selection of races coming up and keep me posted on when you move to the Bay Area!!!

  5. Looks like a fun schedule! I'll be on the hunt for sub-4 in the fall as well. :)