May 1, 2012

Ironman Week 17


With just a couple weeks to go before Wildflower (a 70.3), this week started the taper process with a cutback on the volume. Ironically, even with less volume and lower intensity, I almost felt more tired and sore this week than usual. I completed every workout on my schedule and hit the times/paces I was supposed to. I'm getting a little antsy now that we're less than 2 months out from Ironman (!!!!) and my training has yet to really peak, but I have a feeling that after Wildflower it's gonna heat up quite a bit : )

pm: swim / 2,000 yds / 0:45
  • warm-up:
    • 300 easy
    • 200 as 50 kick/50 swim
    • 200 as 25 CU/25 swim
  • main: 9x100 as...
    • 3 on 2:15
    • 3 on 2:05
    • 3 on 1:55
  • cool-down: 400
The main set was like the one we did at the MTC group workout last week. The idea is that you can swim the 100s fast and have a lot of recovery, or swim them slower and have less rest. I aimed for comfortably hard, and averaged about 1:45. I did, however accidently do the second set on the 2:00 instead of 2:05. Whoops!

I also got my new Team One10 racing kit! Team One10 is a competitive group of athletes that trains with my coach, so I'm excited to get to represent the team : ) I was afraid it wouldn't fit right, but it actually ended up looking and feeling pretty good. I took it for it's first test ride/run later in the week and I'll be rocking it at Wildflower this weekend!

pm: run / 4 mi / 0:42 / avg 10:30*
MTC track workout! I've realized that speed workouts are much more enjoyable with company : ) Fairly straightforward: 8x400 on 3:30 (interval time based on long run pace). Similar to yesterday's pool workout, the faster the go, the more recovery time you have, and vice versa. I ran what felt like a hard pace, and was pleased to average between 1:36-1:40 per 100m.

*My overall pace is slower than usual as I left my Garmin running during the recovery breaks.
 the start of a beautiful sunset

am: bike / 27 mi / 1:30 / avg 18 mph
This was my longer, steady ride of the week. I felt kind of crappy during the first half, but got a second wind on the way back and ended up having one of my fastest rides. Great way to start the day!

pm: swim / 1,700 yds / 1:00
  • warm-up:
    • 200
    • 100 kick
    • 150 choice drills
  • main:
    • 250 sighting practice
    • 400-200-200 as drafting/passing in group
  • cool-down: 200
Another MTC group swim. With Wildflower coming up, the main set was sighting practice and a drafting/passing drill. I'm not even going to try to explain the drill, but it involved working in groups of 3 and alternating between different roles to practice drafting and passing. Helpful, but confusing!

am: bike / 17.8 mph / 1:00 / 17.8 mph
I decided to try my new trisuit on both a ride and run to make sure it will be comfortable for Wildflower. It was pretty warm when I headed out on the bike just before noon, but the trisuit is fairly thin and kept me pretty cool. The only thing I noticed about the trisuit was that it was a little tight on the shoulders when I was on my bike, probably because I have a fairly long torso. I adjusted it a bit and it felt much better for the remainder of the ride. Speaking of, after a 20 minute warm-up, I had 2x [5x 15 sec all-out sprints on 2:00] followed by a 5 minute cool-down. It was pretty windy out and I had a good headwind during the first half of the ride, but that meant a tailwind on the way bake and I was flying!

pm: run / 3.6 mi / 0:30 / avg 8:30
Short transition run off the bike with 25 minutes at race pace (~8:45) and 5 minutes easy. Ended up going way too fast (8:15ish) - whoops! The trisuit felt great on the run, too!
 my new Team One10 trisuit!
 back view - showing off the pockets!

I plan on writing more about this later, but I took advantage of my extra time on my day off and finally broke out the new juicer I got for Christmas that had yet to leave the box. After a quick trip to the store to load up on some produce I got to making my first concoction, which I'm dubbing the green machine:
  • 2 green apples
  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 2 bunches spinach
  • 1 lemon
ready to do some juicing!

It was delicious and made me feel oh so healthy : ) It was also actually much easier to set up/use/clean up than I expected. I've already used it several times since and love it! I think May is going to be the month of juice!


[brick x3]
am: bike /16 mi / 0:56 / avg 17.1 mph*
am: run / 3.9 mi / avg 8:43
This was an interesting workout. It was labeled "combo" in my schedule, and involved transitioning between a short bike and run several times. Since the bike and run sets are short it makes the most sense to do it on a trainer, so I met up with my coach and two other teammates at the track to do the workout together. We started with a 20 minute warm-up on our trainers and then a 10 minute warm-up run around the track. Then we started the main set of the workout: 3x 12:00 bike, 8:00 run. It was kind of funny to be sitting on my trainer on the side of a track on a Sunday morning, and I kept thinking how crazy we'd look to an outsider : )

I forgot to bring something to put under my front tire so my bike was tilted slightly forward which made it a tad uncomfortable on my shoulders, but otherwise it wasn't too bad. It helped that the intervals were short and then I got to shake my legs out with a run. I will say that it felt really weird to go backwards and get back on the bike after running. I also realized over the course of 6 transitions that I should probably invest in some speedlaces for my running shoes. By the last one it was quite a pain to have to tie them!

*Bike distance and speed is approximate as my speed/cadence sensor went haywire when it detected multiple sensors from the other bikes.

pm: swim / 1,500 yds* / 0:30
After work I met up with my coworker (also doing Cd'A) for an open water swim at Lake Natoma. Earlier in the day there had been a regatta (rowing) race so there was a huge grid of buoys set up on the lake. My plan was a 30 minute steady swim, so with a general route in mind we set off. The water was cold (low 60s), but not shockingly so like Folsom Lake last month. It took me a good 10 minutes to find a rhythm, but then I made a wonderful discovery: connecting the buoys was an underwater wire! It was just like following the lane line in a pool, and I instantly fell into a smooth rhythm. I know this was kind of like cheating and I should have been practicing sighting, but it was still nice and I enjoyed the swim much more having it there.
 hard to see, but shows the buoy grid

It's always hard to judge open water distances, but we'd seen a big red buoy off in the distance when we started so we headed in that direction. It ended up not being as far as it looked and we made it to it in about 15 minutes. This set us up to do a nice little rectangle around the buoys. As we headed back we were also met with a pleasant surprise: we'd been swimming against a current and now would be swimming with it! It was actually funny how much faster we were on the way back. : )

*Swim distance is approximated and based off our time and the buoy markers.

swim: 5,200 yards
bike: 44.8 miles
run: 7.6 miles
other: 0 hours
total time: 7.5 hours


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