June 28, 2010

Multiple Marathon Training Plan

Hello again! I know I don't usually post twice in one day but I'm trying to catch up! While I've run 4 marathons to-date, I haven't technically used any kind of official training plan for any of them. My first was with Team in Training which was probably the most structured of my marathon training periods. For my second I trained with a couple running buddies and we had set mileage for the long runs but the midweek runs were always in the air. For my third, LA, I ended up training alone and just sort of made things up as I went. And then finally for my most recent one I came full circle and trained with the Team as a mentor, but again didn't really follow a set schedule, especially during the week. 

Anyway, I've decided that with several marathons and other races over the next few months, it's time for me to switch things up a bit and give structure a chance. But since I have such a crazy race schedule, I had to put together a custom plan. I borrowed a bit from Hal Higdon's Intermediate and Advanced plans, adjusting for my races and what my body can handle. I also used parts of Hal Higdon's Multiple Marathons plans to accommodate so many big races. The biggest changes this time around will be more mileage during the week and more days running (6 total). Instead of just doing 3 or 4 milers during the week, I'm doing 4 or more. I usually would take the day after a run off, but instead I'm going to give short "recovery" runs a shot. In terms of speedwork I'll be alternating between hills, tempos, and intervals one day a week.
My first attempt at a marathon training plan! Thoughts?

Of course none of this is set in stone - if I need to shorten a run for whatever reason, that's ok. If I need another rest day, no prob. I would like to stick to the schedule as much as possible though, because I really thing it will improve me running and help me reach some of my goals. I also plan on doing the NMTZ workout at least once a week wherever I can fit it in, and when I start training for my first sprint triathlon (in September) I'll have to sub in swimming and biking for a run or two, but I really think these things will only help my running. My two marathons this summer, San Francisco and E.T., I'm mainly running to qualify for the Marathon Maniacs (3 fulls in 3 months) so I'll be running them just for fun. They're both pretty cool races and should be fun, no-pressure marathons. Then I have a couple halfs in October, leading up to my goal race of the fall - Marine Corps in Washington, DC! I'm super excited for this one actually - I've already started looking into travel and accommodations! Since my mom is joining me for E.T. in August I'm hoping my dad will tag along to DC, but we'll see : ) Anyway, my goal for MCM is 4:40, cutting about 15 minutes off my current PR. Considering my training plan, I think I can do this! And I'm definitely excited to try and to see how much I can improve by working hard.

Today kicked off my new training plan with an easy 4 miles. It felt better than before, so I'm hoping that means whatever it is that's stolen my running mojo is finally going away. Here's hoping!


  1. Yay for the start of new training periods. Love that feeling. go get that 4:40!!!

  2. I like the plan! I am using a modified version of Hal's advanced 1 since I am tri training and it works well fitting the other sports in as well :) Looking forward to following your training!