October 1, 2010

Guest Post: Mom's First Race!

When my daughter, Rachel, suggested that I run in a race, I told her “absolutely not – she was crazy – I’m too old and not in shape for running.” But she made me an offer I could not refuse. She said I could run just a 5K; that was only 3 miles and change. She also told me she would come up with a training schedule so that I could slowly build up to it. And besides it was a walk/run; if I had to I could walk part of it. I knew I could do that. But the real clincher was when she told me the one she found was for ovarian cancer. My best friend from high school, Sue Sandoval, died 3 years ago from ovarian cancer at the age of 53. I was sold.
 "in honor of"

I started out just walking. I went to the San Juan Islands with my sister to visit our folks and since she has been walking a lot, we walked a lot together. Once home I started my training. In 30 minutes I warmed up for 5 minutes, then alternated running 1 minute and walking 4. After 2 weeks, the running increased to 2 with 3 walking. The ratio continued to increase until the last 2 weeks before my race I was running the whole time. I figured the distance was about 2 miles and come race day, surely I could do one more. Keep in mind, I was running at night when it had cooled down. Then race day dawned with a weather forecast of 95 degrees and the race was set for 5:30. OMG. Well, I just would do it, that’s all. And I did. 
all ready to go!

As we waited, Rachel asked me if I had a plan. When I said no, she suggested I walk for 1 minute at each of the mile markers. I did just that and it was a big help. I also took 2 cups of water at the water stations – 1 went into my mouth; the other down my back. I know I ran very, very slow. In fact people were passing me walking. But my goal was to finish and to run as much of it as possible. I thought a lot about Sue as I ran, especially the last mile. If she had survived, I know she would be running too.
 waiting for the start
 woohoo! mile 2!
 finished : )
 thrilled to be done!

Will I do it again? Yeah, I think so.  In 95 degree weather? I hope not.  I have to thank my daughter for her encouragement and belief in me that I could do it and another thanks to both her and my husband who came to cheer me on.  I’ll never run a marathon, but I’m thinking a 5K for breast cancer will be in my future.
mom & daughter post-race


  1. Great job Mom! It does get easier and every day can't be 95º.....

  2. That is just so cool. Way to go mom

  3. great job...what a scorcher! The next one will be a cake walk.