March 19, 2011

Help me pick a race photo!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my loooong race report on my first ultra. It still feels kind of surreal to have pushed my limits that much further. Trail running has been a breath of fresh air after such an intense year of road racing, offering new experiences, amazing people, and endless adventures. And, I'm convinced that trail running also produces better race photos! I almost always cringe when reviewing my shots from road races, but miraculously I actually like most of my pics from Way Too Cool! I like so many of them, in fact, that I need your help choosing which to buy (although I have considered buying all of them in digital format). Let me know your favorite(s)!
 no. 1 - getting dirty
 no. 2
 no. 3 - amazing, right?
 no. 4
 no. 5 - close-up
 no. 6 - the finish

p.s. I did an epic 22 mile training run this morning on the AR 50 course in the middle of this crazy storm we're having here in Northern California. I felt pretty badass out there : ) Will recap all the muddy details tomorrow!


  1. I like 3 because of the beautiful background and it just shows kind of where you are coming from and 6 because it has the race name and you are still smiling at the finish

  2. i like 3 & 6 also your dad

  3. If you're only getting one, I vote for #3!

  4. #3, yes Amazing!, #6 the finish, #1 - getting dirty (mud fun!), but really they're all great. Agreed, I'm never really crazy about most race photos and when you get one good one it's a treat. Awesome that you have so many great photos to choose from. Congrats on your epic accomplishment!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I haven't read your race report yet but I have to say I already know I'm jealous - your race photos are awesome! (Mine always suck!) #3 and #4 are my favorites...