March 28, 2011

AR 50 Week Twelve


Another cutback week, this time a little bit more than planned due to the ridiculous weather that plagued California this past week. Although I didn't run as much this week I did get a new running toy! Can't wait to use it : ) No real long run happened since I had to work full shifts both Saturday and Sunday, but I still got in some quality runs including a great tempo during the calm between storms and another 10 mile run to work. I even got back to bikram yoga for the first time in weeks! It looks like I've started my taper for AR 50 a week early, but I'm feeling good physically and mentally. Just 2 more weeks!

4 miles, 9:02 avg pace. Squeezed in an early run with the pup before work. Legs felt great just a couple days after my 22 miler on the AR 50 course and my intended "recovery pace" was no where close to what I planned!


6 miles (4 tempo), 8:35 avg pace. This was definitely a run to remember as I set out for a tempo run just moments after an epic hailstorm. In the 51 minutes I was out there, I experienced everything from rain and hail to thunder and lightning, and even saw a rainbow. I ran a bit faster than my last tempo, but that may have been because I was trying to outrun the storm. Here's how things went down:

mile 1 - 9:30
mile 2 - 8:11
mile 3 - 8:06
mile 4 - 8:14
mile 5 - 8:14
mile 6 - 9:15

I was aiming for tempo miles around 8:30, but clearly I don't know how to pace myself. Looks like 8:15 would have been a better goal and will be something to keep in mind for next time. My legs felt strong though and I finished feeling great. Definitely want to keep these tempo runs in my weekly routine.

I also had an appointment with my sports chiro to have some work done on my hips and quads and holy f*!&k did he go to town! I actually ended up with bruises on my quads and had some very sore hips flexors, but felt immensely better after. I plan on at least a couple more appointments before AR 50 so my hips are ready to go the distance (hopefully) pain-free.

90 min hot yoga. Due to some crazy weather that lasted all day, I opted out of my planned midweek 10 miler and went to bikram yoga instead. After several weeks off from yoga I was noticeably less flexible but it felt so good to be back and my tight muscles appreciated all the stretching. The long hiatus also meant I was quite sore the next several days, especially my back and hamstrings. It was a little ridiculous.
parking lot flooded by the American River at Watt Ave along my usual route

5 miles, 9:06 avg pace. Forced myself out of bed to get a run in before work. I ran in the opposite direction on the bike trail and took the pup along. Had to run a little faster than planned after hitting snooze one too many times, but as usual was glad I got up and got it out of the way. It was actually a beautiful morning despite the forecast calling for more rain (it eventually came later in the day).


10.2 miles, 9:04 avg pace. Another run from home to work. I'm actually really starting to enjoy these runs, and I seem to be pretty consistent in my pacing pattern each time. I tend to start out at a "happy pace" around 9:30, then end up getting faster as I warm-up and finishing with a negative split. In fact, 4 of the 10 miles were at sub-8 pace which is starting to feel much easier than it should...

Total: 25.2 miles


  1. good work and good luck at ar50. go out there and have one of the biggest 50 milers in the country.

  2. great week. Keep it up. Garmin is great, dont know how I ran without one.

  3. Sounds like another solid week. I'm sure you can hardly believe that the big race is only 2 weeks away! Enjoy the taper. :)