October 31, 2011


Ok guys, sliiiight change of plans. After I finished the Chicago Marathon the plan was to take it easy for a while before kicking off/signing my life away to Ironman training December 1st. I've had a few casual, shorter races on the schedule over the next few months but for the most part, my focus has been on the Ironman on June 24th as my next big race.

Well that all went out the window when I decided to upgrade from the Houston Half to the full on January 15th. Whoops : / So it looks like the 26.2 mile run leg of Ironman will no longer be marathon no. 10 for me, instead I'll be hitting that milestone in the Lone Star State several months earlier.
change of plans : )

Just to clarify, I am aware that this goes against my earlier training and racing plans. I'm willing to eat my words here. No, I am not trying to get redemption after a seriously sucky Chicago Marathon. My rationale, however, is still not very sophisticated. In my efforts to get one step closer to my 50 states goal, I figure if I'm flying all the way to Texas for 5 days, it should be to cross it off my list. Originally, the whole point of the trip was to watch the U.S. Marathon Olympic Trials, and that is definitely still happening and will certainly be a highlight of the trip. I just decided it would be more fun and worthwhile to run a marathon while I'm there, too : )
marathon no. 10!

In terms of training and logistics, I don't plan to race this one or try again for a sub-4. I think, especially after Chicago, that I need to enjoy a marathon, without the pressure of a big time goal. I also don't have the motivation or desire to do another traditional, time intensive marathon training cycle, so a fast (for me) Houston Marathon is just not gonna happen. Since Chicago, I'm afraid to say that my sweating exploits have fallen to the wayside. The first week it was all about recovery. The second week was about catching up on sleep and relaxing a bit. But the third week, I hate to say, was more about me just being lazy. I need something looming on the horizon to get my butt back out there.

I've only run a handful of times since Chicago, maxing out at 5 miles. I've felt slow and out of shape, so I'll admit the thought of a marathon in 11 weeks is a bit daunting. My plan is to build up a good base in November with some moderate long runs (like 16ish miles) thrown in, then switch to my Ironman training plan on December 1st. I'll still try and include some quality run workouts and hopefully a 20 miler, but the main focus will be on the Ironman. I know that my body can complete a marathon on minimal training, and I also know that the hours I spend on the bike and in the pool will keep me in decent shape.

And with that said, I think I'll go for a run later ; )

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  1. Good luck! I'm sure with your Ironman training that you'll be fine, especially if you aren't trying to PR and run at a comfortable pace.