October 3, 2011

October Things

1. Chicago Marathon
In t-minus 6 days! I leave Thursday morning for Chicago and hope to get some fun sightseeing in before the race on Sunday. It will be my first time in the city so I'm pretty excited to explore! The forecast is looking great so far (I'm keeping my fingers crossed though!). As far as the marathon goes, I'll be posting my thoughts and goals later this week!

2. Incubus live in concert
My favorite band, Incubus, is coming to Sacramento the day after I get back from Chicago. I've ssen them live twice before and couldn't miss another opportunity! They are absolutely incredible live, so I'm really looking forward to this. Plus I haven't been to a concert in ages so it should be fun!

3. rain!
Sacramento seemed to protest the arrival of fall with a lovely little heat wave, giving us temps in the 90s throughout September. But now that October has arrived, it seems that mother nature is finally relenting and giving us some cooler weather. In fact, the forecast this week is calling for rain for the next three days! I'm looking forward to doing some final taper runs in a nice drizzle : )

4. sweaters, boots, and scarves
Now that the weather is finally cooling off, that means I can break out some of my favorite fall fashions! Remind me how excited I was for this when it's freezing (for California) and I can't seem to wear enough layers ; )

love this video! 25 ways to tie a scarf.

5. planning my DIY Halloween costume
After several years of experiencing the debauchery of the famous Halloween celebration down in Santa Barbara during college, I'm looking forward to wearing a costume this year that doesn't leave me half naked as was the trend. I love crafting and DIY, and I've set my sights on the villanous Ursula from my favorite Disney movie, The Little Mermaid. I'm going for more of a sexy (not fat!) version, though. Lucky for me one my mom's many talents includes sewing, so I'll have a collaborater to help me figure out those tentacles!

fat Ursula
my costume inspiration

What are you excited about for October? Anything you're looking forward to?


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