March 19, 2012

Ironman Week 11


This week had the potential to be pretty awesome, but a couple things ended up getting in the way. First, the forecast for the week turned out to be accurate (for once):

I still managed to get in several workouts despite the showers, including an epic 3 hour ride in monsoon-like conditions. That, however, may have lead to the next buzzkill of the week: getting sick : / For those keeping track, this is the second illness I've experienced since starting Ironman training, and hopefully the last (here's to more sleep, healthy eats, good recovery, and lots of sanitizer!). I'm still kind of bummed that the last couple days of training this week were a bust, but I'm trying to look forward and not dwell on something I can't change.

pm: swim / 900 yds / 0:20
  • main:
    • 8x50 swim golf, RI = 20"
    • 5x100 easy, RI = 10"
This was a recovery swim following Sunday's half marathon (still working on the report!). It felt weird to be swimming so little, but it did feel good to get in the water and shake my legs out. I still don't really "get" swim golf. I understand the concept, but can't seem to execute it correctly!
the only blue sky we had this week
am: bike / 17.3 mi / 1:00 / avg 17.3 mph
When I headed out for this ride the sky was dark and ominous, but I thought I might luck out and just miss the rain. I got about 10 minutes in before it started sprinkling : ) Thankfully, though, it never come done too hard. The workout called for a 15' warm-up followed by 5x3' build to Z4 with RI = 3'. As much as I tried, I could not get my heart rate up! I tried increasing my cadence, trying harder gears, but I barely ventured into zone 3. In hindsight, this might have been a more effective workout inside.

I had an easy 30 minute run on deck for after work but I got out late and it was raining pretty hard and I just could not convince myself to go.

am: swim / 2,350 yds / 0:55
  • warm-up: 450 as 100 swim/50 kick
  • main:
    • 4x [4x100 @ 1:45 on 1:55 (extra 30" btw sets)]
  • cool-down: 300
Oh boy, this one was a doozy! The focus of this workout was "anaerobic", which basically means sans oxygen. Think speedwork, but in a pool. The main set nearly killed me - essentially 16x100 at my threshold (aka tempo) pace, with just 10" rest. Somehow I made it through and managed to hold the pace, but wow, I was spent!

pm: bike / 25.5 mi / 1:30 / avg 17 mph*
I was working a split shift so I figured I could squeeze in my 90 minute ride between shifts. I'd been hoping the rain would take a break or at least lighten up, but when I got home is was still coming down pretty hard so I made the difficult (for me) decision to hop on the trainer instead. I threw on a movie (The Life Aquatic - one of my faves) which made it a little better, but I think 90 minutes may be my max. I also couldn't figure out how to make my speed/cadence sensor work on my new bike so this was the first time I went without the Garmin (!!!). Twas a big step for this type-A girl. *As such, my distance and speed are estimated (but comparable to what I've been riding outside lately).


pm: bike / 53 mi / 3:05 / avg 17.2 mph
This was the workout that made me question my sanity a bit. And quite possibly made me sick : / Still, it was a pretty epic ride. I'm actually proud of myself for handling the stormy conditions so well (aka without crashing) while also managing to average a pretty decent speed. This was my first long ride on my new bike, too, and it was amazing how much more comfortable it was! My legs, especially, felt much stronger and fresher by the end than they did before. I still need to work on fueling better, including before (I was starving by the time I started the run). Would I do it again...probably : ) I just loathe the trainer that much!
my hideout during a particularly intense downpour
no, that's not a river, it's the bike path : /
pm: run / 4.8 mi / 0:45 / avg 9:22
I didn't feel great going into this run. It wasn't right off the bike as I needed to clean my bike and change into dry clothes (which, btw, has never felt so good!). I was hungry and just felt a little rundown. I kept the pace nice and easy, but it still felt like a loooong 45 minutes. Ironically, it hardly rained on me. I guess Mother Nature decided I'd had enough for the day?

To be honest, I'd felt a little "something" Friday morning, and I think the long workout in the rain just pushed me over the edge into full fledged sick. I spent the day on the couch with a throbbing headache, congestion, and a fever. It was especially frustrating to get sick when I was having such a good week of training and I knew I just had a few more workouts left to finish off my biggest week yet. Instead, I spent the weekend inside, miserable. I know in the big picture a couple days and a few workouts aren't a big deal, but it sucks nonetheless.


swim: 3,250 yards
bike: 95.3 miles
run: 4.8 miles
other: 0 hours
total time: 7.6 hours


  1. Hope you feel better! Rest up, it's best to get over it 100% and then get started again.

  2. Just catching up on your blog and I realized not only are we training for the same Half IM and IM but we also have the same bike! :) I'll look for you this Saturday!