December 15, 2009

Race Wish List

With the holidays in full swing and marathon no. 2 behind me (thank God), I started looking to the future, and I've compiled a wish list of races! I'm one of those people who makes a list for just about everything, and get far too much satisfaction from crossing things off. So in the spirit of the season, and giving in to my obsession, here is my race wish list!

  • NYC Marathon - this is my dream race that I think has to be experienced to be believed (entered the lottery for 2010 and crossing my fingers!)
  • Marine Corps Marathon - a course that takes you past some of the country's most historic monuments, it's almost like a history lesson on foot!
  • Honolulu Marathon - running a marathon in Hawaii, kind of an obvious one I hope!
  • California International Marathon - this one is in my home town of Sacramento on familiar turf, maybe 2010?
  • Los Angeles Marathon - set to be marathon #3 on an all new stadium-to-sea course!
  • Big Sur International Marathon - I've heard that nothing can compare to the stunning views along this challenging course, but I'll need a lot more hill work before I take on this beauty!
  • Niagara Falls Marathon - starts in one country, finishes in another, need I say more? (I'm a sucker for these kinds of things)
  • Flying Pig Half Marathon - ok I'll be honest, I really just like the "flying pig" aspect of it : )
  • Nike Women's Half Marathon - as you may have guessed, I'm into race shwag, and Nike offers a unique Tiffany's necklace that I must have!
  • San Francisco Half Marathon - this one is part of the California Dreamin' Series
  • Long Beach Half Marathon - ditto to SFM above
  • Sacramento Cowtown Half Marathon - again, my hometown, but instead of a medal you get a cowbell!! love it
If any of you have run one of these please share your opinion/experience! Any other races on your to-do list? In other news, I've officially registered for my next half marathon, Surf City USA in February (to start the California Dreamin' Series) and my next full, the LA Marathon in March. I'm going to take the rest of December easy in terms of running, then begin training in full swing come January!


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