December 29, 2009

Wait, I get to run where?

So after a week-long hiatus from running (sick, holidays, etc.), tonight I finally got back out there. I have to admit I was a little nervous to see how I would feel, but besides being a little more tired than usual, I felt pretty good. I took it easy and just did a 5k on my favorite course that takes me along the West Campus lagoon and then along the bluffs overlooking the beach and Pacific. I ran the first mile a little too fast (sub-10 min) but quickly reigned myself in and finished with an average pace of 10:35. I especially love running this route in the evening just before sunset because the views are absolutely gorgeous. Living in the cramped and crowded college "town" of Isla Vista, I often forget that everything else around me is pretty darn amazing. I really need to start appreciating this incredible place I live and run in before it's too late! Anyway, I took my phone along with me so I could capture some shots (hence the poor quality) to give you an idea of just how lucky I am : )

West Campus lagoon heading toward the ocean.

Looking back at the lagoon with the Santa Ynez Mountains in the background.

 The water was so still it reflected everything like a mirror!

Yes, I live 2 minutes from the beach : )

The trail along the bluffs heading back to Isla Vista.

I'm just about done with my review of my new Garmin so that should be posted asap. Inspired by many other bloggers in the running community, this week I also want to do a post reflecting on my running in 2009 and my plans/goals/hopes for 2010. Finally, I just wanted to mention my newest running-related challenge. I've rejoined my local Team In Training for the summer season as a Mentor! TNT holds a special place in my heart as it was with their help, support, and encouragement that I trained for and completed my first marathon last June (click here to read more about TNT and my experience with them). With that in mind I'm excited to be back with the Team and to help others accomplish something extraordinary.


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