January 14, 2010

Lovely night for a swim : )

 As I mentioned briefly in my previous post, I have started swimming! Last night my roommate and I headed to the RecCen pool for our second workout. Now since neither of us really know what we're doing, it wasn't what you could call a serious workout...but it was difficult nonetheless! We started out with 10 laps (one lap being 25m, although this may not be the proper way of counting laps) alternating free and breaststroke. Then we did 10 laps with a kickboard to work our legs. Next was 10 laps with a leg floatie to work our arms. This last one worked fine for freestyle, but felt quite awkward with breaststroke...probably because we were doing it wrong! We ended with a 4 lap cool down, bringing our workout total to 850m! This is an increase from my first swim so I feel pretty happy with myself. We ended our evening with a soak in the jacuzzi, which may just be the real reason we've taken up swimming : )


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