January 28, 2010

Mud Maze + Core

My roommate Jordan and I went for a short 5k run tonight, only to realize once we had started that the trail we were headed to would be a muddy mess from yesterday's rain. We were definitely not disappointed, a good half mile was spent maneuvering around puddles and trying not to fall. In the end it was actually pretty fun, and we were treated with a gorgeous sunset near the end : )

After our run we did a core workout, courtesy of RunnerDude. Ever since I saw this workout a while ago I've been meaning to try it...I even bought a 6lb medicine ball back in December, which had yet to come out of it's box. Considering that I don't really do these kinds of workouts, I don't know what to say about it except that it was tough! Jordan and didn't make the 20 reps for every exercise, but we did what we could and definitely felt the burn. Also, inspired by this post by Chic Runner, we did some exercises to tone up our buns : ) I'm actually looking forward to being sore tomorrow!


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