January 29, 2010

Mind Over Matter

Tonight was one of those times where getting myself out there was way more challenging than the actual running part. After a long day of work I was tired, and I had promised a friend I would help her move. It would've just been so easy to skip my run, but after doing that twice this week after long days of class (fail!), it just felt like it was becoming a trend. Of course it's always easier to just relax after a long day, but I literally am in a better state of mind on days when I run, which really makes me wonder, then, why do I ever skip my runs? And even more reason to run, I have a marathon in 49 days! Oh, right, that : )Ultimately, though, I'm proud of myself for getting out there tonight. I rocked my 3.5 miler with an average 9 min/mi pace and felt great, during and after. No shin pain either! Hopefully I can get a good night's sleep tonight because tomorrow kicks off my 2010 racing schedule with the UCSB Romeo's 4 Miler : ) Considering that my shorter runs have gotten speedier lately, my goal is to finish sub 40 min, but ideally I'm hoping for ~37 min. I guess we'll see! Happy Friday!

1 comment:

  1. Ah! I can absolutely relate to this post! It is amazing that the effort put forth in taking the time to run can make for SUCH a change mentally!

    I'm off to read your race report from Seattle! :)