February 11, 2010

New Swimsuit!

Since I started swimming about a month ago, I've been borrowing a friends swimsuit and goggles. I'd been putting off buying my own gear, but now that it looks like this swimming thing is gonna stick around, I finally sucked it up and went shopping. My roommate actually needed a new one, too, so it was fun to have some company. In fact, we ended up buying matching suits! Before I started swimming recently, I had never worn a one piece and I despised them. They just seem to be so unflattering unless you're in incredible shape, which I'm obviously not. But after borrowing my friend's suit for a while, I've realized that while they may not be that attractive, they are most definitely functional. So we ended up at our local sporting goods store and grabbed a bunch that looked cute. I had no idea how swimsuit sizes worked, so I had to go for trial and error. Is it just me, or are the mirrors and lighting in dressing rooms awful? You'd think they would want them to be flattering so you'd buy more stuff, but who knows... Anyway I ended up being happy with a reversible (black/blue) suit from TYR. It fits pretty similarly to the one I was wearing before, and I like that I can reverse it. It was also on sale, which helped a lot since swimsuits are expensive! I also picked up a pair of metallic TYR goggles, too.

That evening a few girlfriends and I went to the pool for a swim to test out my new gear. So far, so good! Although for right now swimming is mainly just a mode of cross training for me, I am hoping to do my first triathlon by the end of the year, so I also want to work on my stroke and become a better swimmer. One of the girls that went with me is a swimmer, and has agreed to "coach" me a bit! Already she's pointed out some little things I am doing wrong with my stroke and it's made a big difference, so I'm excited to keep improving! And I have to admit, any workout that offers the promise of a hot tub after is hard to say no to : )

After a lame week of working out pre-Surf City, I've had a much better streak since. After the race on Sunday, I took Monday off to rest, and then swam Tuesday. Wednesday night I did a fast 4 miler solo, and tonight I did an easy 3 miles with one of my roommates who is just starting out with Team In Training. Speaking of, I have recruited 12 girls from my sorority who I'll be mentoring over the next 5 months as they train for the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in June. The first training of the season is this Saturday and I can't wait! I'm so excited for all of them and to be back with the Team. After all, that's where it all started : )


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