April 25, 2010

Catching Up

Hello all! I've been a terrible blogger this past week - it was just one of those times when life gets in the way. So here's a quick recap of the highlights of this past week:

Sunday I hit the pool per usual with my friend Christine. For some reason, we both felt pretty sluggish the whole time. I struggled through a 500m warm-up, then did 250m of legs and 250m of arms. We finished up the workout with 100m sprints, and on each one I could feel myself getting more and more tired and slower. After an easy 50m cool-down, we hit the jacuzzi. I guess it's pushing through the tough workouts that make the difference?

Monday was a rest day, and since I had a midterm the next day it consisted of trying to squeeze in studying between a full day of work and my sorority meeting that evening. And as if I needed something else, I had to work on more stuff for my sorority's swimsuits for ASVT.

Tuesday was track night, but since it rained all day, we met across from the track at Leadbetter Beach. On the schedule for the evening was one of my favorite drills - Swedish relays! We did a fast 1.5 mile warm-up, then headed out along the bike path in groups. We ran together for 10 minutes at "race pace" then lined up single file for 10 minutes of relays. If you're not familiar with these (or you may just know them by one of their many other names), they're pretty simple - basically the person at the back of the line sprints to the front, then the next, and so on. After 20 minutes we turned around and headed back with another 10 minutes at race pace then a final 10 of relays. It was super windy on the way back (we were almost hit by a falling palm frond!), so it was an added challenge just to fight the gusts of wind! All in all it ended up being 5.25 miles. After the workout our Team went for a "family" dinner at a nearby pizza place. Our amazing coaches treated us to some yummy pizza and we had a great time hanging out all together not running for once!

Wednesday is usually my tempo run, but after a long day at work and with plans to make dinner with a friend, I could not muster up the energy to do a tough tempo. I did still want to run though, so instead I talked my roommate into doing an easy 4 miles. Now that I'm trying to take my training up a notch I have to remember that things don't always have to go exactly as planned - in fact they often won't. If I can't or don't want to do a run or workout I have scheduled, it doesn't have to be all or nothing. I have to remember that it's ok to shorten a run or slow the pace. In this case, anything is better than nothing. After the run I had plans with my friend Christine to make sushi. I've been making it for a really long time but haven't done it recently. After a quick run to the store to pick up a few ingredients and some more swimsuit stuff, we finally got started - at 9pm! Despite the late start we had a blast and the sushi was delicious. We just sat there without speaking and quickly devoured an entire plateful (and then some). Yum!
Sushi fun!
Step 1: Add filling.
Step 2: Roll!
Step 3: Nom nom nom!
Mmmmmm : )

I had planned to do my tempo run Thursday instead, but I ended up stressed to the max and desperately needed a mental health break. In this case, the thought of doing even one mile was too much. I just craved some rest and a few hours of nothing. Our swimsuits were finished that morning and I had to arrange how to pick them up from LA, then I had to sort them and figure out how much each girl owed, make sure we got all the styles/sizes we ordered, etc. By that night I was totally pooped.

Friday was a scheduled rest day, and even though I had taken the day before off, too, I didn't stress about it. I had a long day of work then had to distribute swimsuits until late. I knew Saturday was going to be super long and tiring, yet I still didn't make it to bed until late : / We had a 2:45 run scheduled in the morning, followed immediately by ASVT, the event I've been planning for over a month! The run was great and ASVT ended up being a blast - details to come!


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