July 5, 2010

Stars & Stripes!

Happy (belated) 4th of July to all my fellow Americans! I hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. I had a fantastic 4th, spent with some of my amazing friends and family, and even snuck in a little workout!
Stars & Stripes!
 Could our flag be any bigger!?
To start the day off my dad and I hopped on our bikes (I rode my mom's, still on the hunt for my own!) and rode into East Sac to watch the annual parade. The neighborhood was super festive with banners hanging across the streets and flags everywhere, and tons of people, young and old, were out to celebrate Independence Day. The parade was fun to watch, basically just made up of people decked out in red, white, and blue walking through the streets, but every once in a while you'd spot someone who got a little extra creative! Since my dad was born and raised in Sac he knows just about everyone, much of our time was spent with him introducing me to endless people : ) Once the parade was over we took off on our bikes, stopped by my grandmother's for a quick visit, then got lunch at Pita Pit before finally making our way home to relax before the night! Quick observations on the biking: it was definitely more of a workout than I was expecting, and I now understand why cyclists wear padded shorts! My butt is still sore : /
East Sac Parade
An actual float!
  My dad and I : )
 Festive doxies!
All the streets were decked out!

Our first stop that evening was at the home of some great family-friends. It also just happens to be where my best friend, Liz, lives : ) It's kind of a tradition for us to BBQ there on the 4th with some other friends, too, but this year we had other plans so we just stopped by to say hi and hang out for a bit. It was so great to see my friend and catch up as it's been far too long! After a glass or two of sangria we headed to our main destination.

My dad's cousin had invited us to her place for a low-key dinner and fireworks which was great! The food was amazing, there was good company including two adorable little boys, and the conversations flowed. After stuffing ourselves silly we all relaxed until it was dark enough to start the fireworks show! It was so fun to watch the little boys' reactions to all the lights and noise : ) By the time the fireworks were finished my dad and I were both pretty exhausted but both agreed that it we'd had a pretty spectacular 4th!
 Waiting for the fireworks to start!

Oooohhhh, ahhhhhhh!

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  1. Wow, that firework display is really awesome. I like the ladder touch..... LOL