July 16, 2010


No, I don't have a torn muscle (knock on wood). The title actual refers to my brain, torn between two things and I can't make a decision! After moving home a month ago I, like so many other recent college grads, found myself unemployed. Things were fine at first, but my empty days got boring fast, and my bank account was slowly dwindling. And so I set off on the job hunt, reading ads, sending emails, filling out applications, and submitting resumes. Within just a couple shorts weeks, on the same day in fact, I finally got two responses asking me to come in for an interview.
Some quick background: I got my BA in psychology and am taking a year or so off before going to graduate school to earn my doctorate degree in clinical psychology. My hopes for my future career lie in some sort of therapy practice. Part of the reason I decided to take some time off was to gain more hands-on experience in the area via work or volunteer opportunities since most of my experience during college was research oriented. Now that I've explained that...

One of my potential jobs is related to the area of psychology. I was offered an entry-level position at an autism center where I would be working with children of various developmental abilities. The job would be part-time with a pretty flexible schedule, good hourly pay, offers experience in the field, and I would leave with a letter of recommendation. I should also mention, however that I am already volunteering at a youth crisis hotline which is also great hands-on experience, and deals with a larger variety of psychological issues. As fascinated as I am with developmental disorders like autism, I'm just wondering how much I would enjoy the work. I don't plan on working in this area after grad school either. Plus, I know it would be mentally demanding and require a lot of patience.

The other position, however, is at a running store (which is why I am posting my dilemma on here). It would most likely be full-time with decent salary pay, but I would have to work a lot of weekends (possible issue for my training and racing?). Plus, I would get to talk about running all day! It would definitely be a fun job, but would add little to my professional resume.

So, I am completely torn. As much as I should be excited that I went from unemployed to having two great job offers, it causing me more stress and frustration! I have to decide asap, so any advice or suggestions are much appreciated. Hopefully I can decide soon and get this huge weight off my shoulders : /


  1. wow! what a nice problem to have...having to choose between job opportunities. here's my take, only because you asked for input. since your plans are to go back to school in a year you've got lots of time to get good stuff for your psychology resume...not sure how valuable those jobs would be to you in the long run. good experience, yes...but...there's lots of time for that. re: the running store...sounds like the pay's okay and it is something you love. again, we're only talking about a year here, as you already know it would be temporary. re: running...i am guessing that, since its a running store, they'd work with your marathon schedule...hmmm. i'd lean toward the store... good luck, whichever way you go. cheers

  2. I wish I had that problem!! I would love to work at a running store.. I mean it sucks that you have to work weekends.. I have to work every saturday and its definitely been putting a damper on my training on saturdays.. I'm sure you'll make a good decision!!