February 22, 2011

"Runners. Yeah, We're Different"

Last week I came across some great photos from an ad campaign launched by Adidas back in 1999/2000. They all have the tagline, "Runners. Yeah, We're Different", and I think we can all relate to a few! You can see them all here. Enjoy!
did this for the first time on Saturday!
Quick anecdote: For the longest time I refused to blow a snot rocket, and then I finally did and it was like a switch was flipped - not only do I do them constantly when I'm running now, but I even catch myself about to do them in non-running situations. Wait, that's not normal?


  1. Those were so funny! I love the girl squatting...

    And your snot rocket comment made me laugh!

    Hope you're having a fantastic week. Miss you!

  2. I still have not mastered the snot-rocket...*sigh*

  3. omg hahaha too funny! i cnat handle snot at all so I will never blow a snot rocket...ick!!! lol