February 7, 2011

AR 50 Week Five


After coming off a few unplanned rest days thanks to a lovely cold, I wasn't sure how this week would go, but I managed to hit all my workouts and hit another 40 mile week. At the last minute I also signed up for a half marathon to stand in for my usual long run on the trails and set a 6 minute PR : )

6 miles, 9:07 avg pace + 90 min hot yoga. I wasn't sure how my run would go since I was coming off a weekend of being sick, but I felt decent and even went a little longer than usual. I probably ran faster than I should've, but I was testing out my new Scott T2 shoes for the first time and I swear they made me speedier! I'll have a review of them as soon as I get some more mileage on them, hopefully by the end of the month. I did feel a bit tired and my breathing was a little more labored than usual, but I finished feeling pretty good. I'm finding that I really look forward to my Monday yoga class, both for the yoga itself and for the regularity of it. I've been going for almost 2 months now and can really feel the effects. The 26 poses are becoming second nature!
10 miles, 9:29 avg pace. Same as last week, I went out for 8 on the bike trail, running along the levy, and then stopped back at home to pick up my pup for the last 2. I felt pretty good and even wore my Scotts again. So far, so good!


5 miles, 9:18 avg pace. Dragged my butt out of bed for this one, and for some reason it ended up being a real struggle the last couple miles. Maybe I was just tired, but I was glad to have it done and move on with my day.

6 miles, 9:32 avg pace. As some of you may know, I work at a running store (Fleet Feet Sacramento to be exact) and one of my coworkers decided to start up a casual weekly run for all employees Friday mornings. This week was the first one and since I was planning on running anyway it was a great motivator to get me out of bed. There were only about 7 of us, and of course they were all pretty speedy runners (besides me, of course). We started out relatively easy though so I was able to hang and chat with one of my coworkers about my training, etc. We ran on a new (to me) route along the river that was pretty quiet in the early morning. The only thing I didn't like about it was that it was unpaved and I'm not a huge fan of running on rocks : / When we hit 2 miles everyone turned around and headed back while I went on solo for another mile.
When I got to 3 miles I stopped to stretch. I was a little tired from the first couple fast(er) miles, so on my way back I slowed down to a comfortable pace. I didn't have my music either, which made the run feel a little more tedious than usual. I finished up my 6 miles back at the store and had plenty of time to shower, get breakfast and coffee, and relax before starting my shift. I definitely see this becoming a weekly routine for me!


13.1 miles, 9:00 avg pace, Davis Stampede Half Marathon. Ok, I won't leave you guys hanging.... I FINALLY GOT MY SUB-2 HOUR HALF MARATHON!!! I'll have a race report up for you asap : ) Congrats to everyone else who raced this weekend!!

Total: 40 miles 


  1. Nice job on the race! I love using longer races to get in my long runs, even with miles added before and after. It makes them go by so quickly!

  2. Great work on the half marathon - can't wait to read the report!

  3. Yahoo Rachel! Congrats on the Sub-2 half, I remember that being a goal for you when I met you in the store a while back. Awesome job!