February 21, 2011

AR 50 Week Seven


After having a great week of training, things all went downhill for week seven. Once again I found myself sick, only this time I was feverish and ended up taking several days off from work. This meant three unplanned rest days with no running whatsoever. I managed to get in a sweat sesh on the bike trainer, and finished the week off with an awesome 20 miler on the Western States 100 course, which also ended up being my only mileage for the week. Whoops : /


Rest. Sick again, resulting in three unplanned days off from work and running.

Rest. See above. Come on, immune system!

15 miles on bike trainer, avg 15 mph. My first time using my bike trainer, did an hour-long session that left me a sweaty mess. Much harder than cycling outside!

Rest. Relaxed and rested in preparation for a long day on the trails and in bed early for a pre-dawn wake up call.

20 miles, 13:43 avg pace. An epic run on the snowy trails as a participant in the Western States 100 February Training Run. My calves are still killing me!
 last 20 miles of the WS 100 course

Rest. Woke up quite sore and congested with a scratchy throat, and decided that since the week was already a flop I'd give myself a day to recover from my 20 miler and this damn cold.

Total: 20 miles


  1. Sorry you're still sick - looks like the WS run was awesome anyway! I would love to run part (or all!) of that course. Feel better!

  2. Colds are the worst. I hope that you have finally kicked this one and can get back to regular training!