September 1, 2010

First Long Ride!

Since I finally had a day off today, I decided to go for my first "long" bike ride. So after sleeping in a bit and eating breakfast, I hopped onto the bike trail and started riding! The bike course for my upcoming triathlon is 24k (14.9 mi) so I want to get in at least a few rides over that distance. I also want my legs to get used to riding in general, so I'm hoping to get in as many rides, long and short, as possible before race day. Today I figured I would do at least 20, 25 maximum, depending on how I felt. I honestly had no idea how my body and legs would hold up! I knew I could easily ride 15 miles at a leisurely pace, but I wanted to see how far I could go at my goal race pace of 15mph.

In short, the ride was great! I got faster as I went and several miles I actually rode faster than 15mph! It's so much different on a ride versus a run to watch the miles tick by because you're going so much faster. I wouldn't necessarily say that cycling is easier than running, but it certainly makes for a nice change and a new challenge which I really enjoy. I rode all the way to the end (technically, the start) of the bike trail at Discovery Park which out me right at 11 miles. I took a short break to eat some Gu Chomps and drink some water, then I turned around and headed back the way I'd came. I reached 20 miles a little while before my house, so I decided to add on a bit and finished with 22.5 miles at an average 14.8mph.
At the turnaround at Discovery Park!
It was pretty warm out but thankfully riding at a decent clip provided a bit of a breeze : ) I wore my new Ryder sunglasses which worked out great! I may have to try them on a run soon, too. My bum was not the most comfortable, but I think it will survive these shorter distances. If I start going longer, however, something must be done! There was a handful of other cyclists out on the trail this afternoon and I think I've discovered the reason behind the douchiness: cyclists are elitists. I noticed they were quite friendly to me as a fellow cyclist, but as a runner I'm disregarded and treated quite rudely. So being the ambassador I am between the running and cycling communities, I made it a point to smile at every person I passed, on wheels and on foot. A couple runners even looked a bit taken aback! Kindness, people, kindness. We're all out there sweating together, right?

Next week I plan to incorporate some brick workouts into my routine. At first I thought, "oh no big deal, a short run after a ride will be no problem." But then I stepped off my bike after my ride today and hello jello legs! Wow. This could be really entertaining!

p.s. Just found out I was 6th in my age group for the E.T. Marathon!


  1. belated congrats on ET...6th in your age group is amazing! re: bike rides...don't worry about your bum...the more you ride, the less it will hurt! love the american river trail, btw...i'm thinking of riding it on labor day with my brother...

  2. Wow congratulation, you are doing well. Keep it up, looking forward foe more update from your rides.