September 24, 2010

Finding my Speed

With several races coming up and some serious time goals, I've started to really notice my lack of speedwork. In fact, since I've been back in Sacramento I haven't done one official speed workout! I'm well aware of their effectiveness, however, and I'm determined to turn my habits around and make them a consistent part of my training. To kick start things, yesterday evening I rode my bike a couple miles to the Sac State track with the intention of doing some good 'ole Yassos. The workout I had planned was 6x800m, aiming for 4:20-4:25, with 400m recovery laps in between. I was sort of racing the setting sun and I had biked there, too, so I only did one lap to warm-up then got started. I must first say that I'm terrible at pacing, so trying to hit my target pace was a challenge indeed. I came in way too fast on my first 800m but I just couldn't seem to adjust my speed properly and all my splits continued to consistently be at the faster pace (umm hello sub-8:00s!). Woops : ) Here are my stats:


Although I'm pleased I was able to maintain such a fast pace, I'm not sure if I should be aiming for something a little less swift. I figured my target pace from the McMillan Running Calculator based on my current half PR, but clearly I'm capable of going faster. Any suggestions? It felt great to finally be doing something different and to really push myself, so I'm really hoping to make track workouts a weekly occurrence. Lucky for me I have a track so close to me...last night I even had it all to myself!


In other fun running news, tomorrow after work I have the opportunity to see a race from a new perspective - as a spectator at my mom's first 5k!! Over the summer I posted the 10-week training plan I had created for her and now race day is finally here! She's worked up to running 2 miles, so I'm confident she'll be able to finish 5k with a few short walk breaks. I'm already so proud of her for taking on this challenge that was pretty out of her comfort zone and following through til the end. I'm also hoping that I've planted a seed and this won't be her last race - perhaps one day we can run a race together : ) It's things like this, seeing the gradual improvement of a new runner, that reminds me just how wonderful running is. I can't wait to cheer her on at the finish line!!


  1. that's great that your mom stuck to the plan! I have been working on my mom for the last year and she won't budge on the exercise front! hope your mom does fantastic!

  2. That is fantastic your mom is doing her first 10k!!! Go mama!! You would never see my mom (or anyone in my family) running a race.

    Sounds like you're speedier than the calculator thinks. The problem with those calculations is that they are basing it off of one race time and nothing else. Go with what feels right. If you know you are faster, go with it. I always do.

  3. Good job, keep it up and you will get much better result. Nice post too.

  4. My 800 times are always way faster than the calculators say I should be going - way to rock them out! I don't think doing them faster will hurt a thing.

    I miss you!

    I just saw your Mom's post race picture - how awesome! Congrats to her!