September 17, 2010


Race weekend is here. After an insane day at work I didn't get home til late, but I wanted to set out all my stuff to make sure I don't forget anything. I'll tell you one thing, there's a whole lot more gear needed for a triathlon than a running race! I made three separate piles, one for each sport. Here's what I've got:

- wetsuit
- tri shorts
- sports bra
- swim cap
- goggles
- sunscreen
- towel
- Tri Slide
- flip flops

I'm lucky to be able to borrow my wetsuit from work for free, and chose a full sleeve for the added warmth and buoyancy. I need all the extra float I can get! Plus, Lake Tahoe is going to be cooold. I'll be wearing my tri shorts and sports bra under the wetsuit and adding a shirt in T1. Although we're being issued an official swim cap, I'm bringing mine just in case. Tri Slide is an awesome lubricant to help prevent chafing but is also super helpful for getting in and out of a wetsuit due to it's slipperiness.

- helmet
- sunglasses
- Garmin w/ mount
- tank top
- arm sleeves
- shoes & socks
- water bottle

Since I haven't gone clipless yet on my bike, I'll be using my running shoes for both the bike and the run. Should make for a faster transition. The arm sleeves will be dependent on the's supposed to be pretty cold this weekend and I'm going to be quite wet after the swim. I'm assuming I'll warm up pretty quickly on the bike and hopefully those will be all I need.

- shoes & socks
- visor
- Garmin

Must remember to switch my Garmin from bike mode to running mode!! Not a whole lot required for running - it's undoubtedly the simplest of the three : )

- Gu Chomps
- Body Glide
- bike lock
- Nuun
- salt caps
- compression socks
- race guide


1. strip wetsuit
2. rinse feet
3. put on socks & shoes
4. put on tank top
5. mount Garmin on bike
6. put on sunglasses
7. put on helmet
8. eat some Chomps

1. rack bike
2. remove helmet & sunglasses
3. remove Garmin, switch sport mode, put on wrist
4. put on visor
5. eat some Chomps
I never really got a chance to actually practice my transitions, but writing everything out helps me keep things straight. I did do casual bike-run and swim-bike bricks, but they were not rushed like the real transitions will be. Hopefully I can keep my head on straight!

My parents and I leave for Lake Tahoe tomorrow morning. Hopefully I'll get a chance to check in with some pre-race thoughts (fears?) and race goals. If not, wish me luck!


  1. Good luck Rachel and thanks again for letting me spotlight you this week!

  2. Geeezzz....that is a lot of stuff! Have fun out there!