March 29, 2010

Bike Ride!

My roommate and I had planned to go for a swim Sunday evening, but after realizing the gym closed in a half hour, we decided to go for a bike ride instead! Now I have to clarify that by bike, I mean beach cruiser, and by ride, I mean meandering along at a very modest pace. Even so, it ended up being a lot of fun and I actually ended up being pretty tired after. We refilled our tires with air and I figured out how to change my Garmin's settings to biking, then we were off! We headed through campus then down to Goleta Beach where we caught the Obern Trail. It was kind of weird to be biking a route that I run so often, and it made for such a different experience.  I brought my camera along, and let me just say trying to take pictures while biking is a bit of a challenge!

It was a gorgeous evening, but along the trail there was a plague of bugs in the air! Seriously, I couldn't look up without getting bugs in my eyes or mouth, making it rather difficult to see where I was going : / There's one gnarly hill that leads from campus down to Goleta Beach, which I usually walk when I run that way, and biking up it was just as hard - it was literally one of the hardest things I'd ever done and my legs were on fire!! It made the rest of the flat ride seem uber easy though. We turned around at 4 miles and made it back home just as it got dark.

We were both starving when we got back and immediately made dinner. I had a delicious baked potato with roasted butternut squash and brussel sprouts, and fresh strawberry shortcake for dessert! Mmmmm : ) It was definitely a good weekend! Tomorrow marks the beginning of my last quarter of college - yikes!

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  1. I've always wanted a beach cruiser! These trails are soo pretty.