March 18, 2010

Looking Cool & Staying Cool

Here's an excerpt from the email I received from the LA Marathon director this morning:

The double-edged sword of living in a place as blessed with good weather as is Los Angeles is the threat that warm weather can pose, especially for long distance runners, especially when it's unseasonal.  That appears to be the situation we're faced with this weekend where, if current predictions are to be believed, the temperature should hover around the mid 70°s during most of the day.  While it's sure to be cooler-even cold-at the start at Dodger Stadium on Sunday, heat is a real concern as the race and the day progress.

 This was followed by tips on how to survive in the heat : / Although I know I can manage, I don't really do well running in warm weather, so this will just be one more challenge to deal with on race day. As far as being prepared otherwise, I've taken this week really easy. In fact, since my final long run last Sunday I've only run once, at track practice on Tuesday. This was partly due to being busy with finals, but it was also very much intentional. With my shin splints flaring up every so often and little aches and pains a common occurrence, I didn't want to overdo it, I want to feel fresh physically and mentally going into the race this weekend. And honestly, what difference would a couple of measly 3 milers have really made? It still hasn't really hit me that I'm running another marathon in 2 days. Maybe once I get down to LA, go to the expo, get my bib, set out my stuff...

That brings me to my next topic: my outfit! I've been planning on wearing my light blue Nike tempo shorts for a while, but I needed a tank to go with them. I wanted something super light and cool since it's gonna be a scorcher, and I found a great white Nike tank with lime green piping that was perfect! But of course, while I was looking, I also found a great pair of bright blue tempo shorts that match the tank : ) Every race I've run I've worn practically the same thing: a white shirt and black capris. Not only does this make me hard to spot for my spectators, but it's also just a bit dull. So for LA I wanted to wear something that would stand out. And yes, the top is white, but check out the shorts!

Now some of you may be thinking of the unofficial running rule "nothing new on race day", but I have a couple other pairs of these shorts already, and the shirt is long and loose enough that I know I won't have any problems. This will, however, be the first time I've worn shorts in a race longer than a 5k. For a long time I was a capris gal, but I have a new love for shorts and have worn them on all my training runs for LA. While I do love running in shorts now, chafing is most definitely still a problem. I'm talking inner thighs, every time, no matter how well I glide pre-run. By about mile 10, it's worn off and my skin gets rubbed raw. My solution for LA is to carry a small tube of sport shield and reapply as often as necessary. Let's hope this works! In addition to this fabulous new outfit I will be wearing my new and equally fabulous iFitness belt! I'm almost done with my review of it, so look for that tomorrow. I have to admit I'll still be packing my other shorts just in case, but I think this outfit's the winner : )


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