March 9, 2010

Long Run FAIL

For the first time in months, I skipped my long run Sunday morning. Since I'm officially in taper, I was only planning on 14 miles, but I just wasn't feeling it. I woke up at 7:30am and went back and forth for a while, but in the end hit snooze. Part of it was the sheer mountain of school work I had to get done that day. Part of it was not wanting to do another long run all by my lonesome, especially on routes I've been training on for weeks. And honestly, I'm a little stressed out. While I'm definitely pumped for LA, I needed this break, even if it was just skipping one long run. Maybe it's the usual pre-race neuroticism, but I can't help but obsess on every little twinge or tight muscle, too. During my run Saturday, my right hip really bothered me, and has been off and on since even when I'm just walking. So, with a measly couple weeks til marathon day, another part of me wanted to play it on the safe side. I don't feel too guilty looking back. I know that at this point, running it wouldn't have made any difference for me physically, so I think I've made my peace.Funny how despite this, I was still a bit plagued with guilt. Things just felt different with a Sunday long run missing. It didn't feel like Sunday. Hah.

Monday is usually a rest day for me since I work, have class, then my weekly sorority meeting. I thought about trying to squeeze in a run anyway since I didn't Sunday, but I had work then a gnarly final exam, and after I was completely pooped. So here I am Tuesday night, finally done with school work (at least until official finals next week!), relaxing after another fun track workout with the Team. Tonight we did a timed mile to help sort us into groups with similar paces. It wasn't supposed to be an all out sprint, instead our coaches wanted us to focus on being consistent and trying to run something we could maintain. Well I certainly got the consistency thing down (we were right on every lap), but I can assure you that I won't be running a marathon at that pace (9:08) anytime soon!

Now that I finally have a little downtime, I can get Born to Run out of it's hiding place - I made my roommate hide it for me so that I could focus on studying for my final and wouldn't be distracted : ) I'm almost done with it and can't wait to finish - it's SO good! It's really made me obsessed with two things: ultras and barefoot running. I'm thinking a pair of Vibrams is in my future...


  1. I really really want to read that book!

    Sounds like - despite the guilt- you listened to your body. That is so smart!

    And can I just say that the comment about being in taper AND ONLY running 14 miles has me nervous. Holy crap!

    I'm so glad to read of your experiences - it really helps me have a better idea of what to expect. :)

    Oh, and nice job on your track workout. Yeah, and 9-something mile is WAY out of my league fore marathon pace, too! Eeek!

  2. I think by now you know the difference between not going on a run out of laziness/avoidance/etc. and not going on a run because you're truly listening to your needs (physical, yes, but everyone needs a mental respite now and then too).

    Same thing happened to me two Tuesdays ago. Something just said, "Jenna, if you go to track, you're going to snap." I stayed home, got done what I needed to get done (actual assignments and just taking time to breathhhe) and felt slightly guilty, but so glad I did what I needed to do. Good for you for not kicking yourself over it. Hopefully I'll be at the point one day where a Sunday just doesn't feel like a Sunday without a run.

  3. And I DO NOT approve of the FAIL title...because that's certainly NOT what you did. Just sayin.