March 28, 2010

Running on Empty

Yesterday was my first run since the LA marathon last Sunday, and it ended up being a bit lackluster. We had 1 hour 45 minutes on the schedule, and I was determined to run the whole thing. But despite feeling fresh and ready to run, my energy was on empty from the get go. I ran with my roommate Jordan and while our pace was actually on the slow side, it strangely felt much faster and was hard to maintain. Toward the end of the run my body did start to protest a bit with my knees, hips, and feet hurting, but I pushed through and we finished 9.6 miles. It was a gorgeous, warm, clear day and the route we ran had incredible views of the ocean. The Team also left fun chalk notes along the way to encourage us.

The Team had plans to get breakfast together after, but unfortunately I had to be at work at 10am, so I had to haul ass home and had like 20 minute to shower, get ready, and get to work. Let me just say 5 hours on my feet after that run was tough! My purple big toe was throbbing constantly and I was just tired the whole day. In hindsight I probably should have taken the weekend off, but I just couldn't resist a group long run! And after being in training for so long and running so regularly, after taking 5 days off I kind of missed running. I'm still going to take the upcoming week easy, but with my next marathon at the beginning of June, I've gotta jump right back in!


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