March 30, 2010

Last First Day

This post doesn't have a lot to do with running, but I think it's pretty exciting nonetheless! Today marked my last first day of college ever. Spring quarter has officially started and in just 10 short weeks, I'll be graduating from UCSB. Wow! I have a really easy schedule this quarter with only 3 classes, only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm actually really excited for my classes, too - they all sound super interesting! One is an introduction to counseling and clinical psychology (which is what I plan to go grad school for), another is an English class on literature of the Pacific (think Hawaii, New Zealand, surfing, and episodes of Lost), and finally my last course for my major, health psychology (looks at the relationship between psychological events and health). It's kind of strange to say, but I'm really looking forward to classes this quarter!

Since this is a running blog, I have to mention something running-related. Tonight we had our Team track workout. After our warm-up we did 1x400m at 10k pace, 3x800m at marathon pace, and 1x200m at 5k pace with cool-down laps in between each set. The whole workout ended up being 5 miles. With so many of the laps at marathon pace, however, it wasn't the most challenging workout, but it was still fun and it felt good to be out there running. We also had an expert out there analyzing our stride/form and giving us tips and suggestions. I noticed that he was wearing Vibrams so I couldn't help but ask his opinion on transitioning to barefooting. He suggested looking into getting a pair of minimalist shoes with lots of flexibility. He checked out the shoes I was wearing (Brooks Adrenaline) and said they had decent flexibility, but the next step would be something like Nike Frees. Hmmm next pair of shoes perhaps?

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  1. Those classes sound great! I remember my last quarter at UCSB... 3 years ago. lol and I had an easy schedule too with all sports classes! It was a blast. Live it up lady! Don't say no to anything unless its illegal or fattening. haha and just have fun!